How Nipsey Made Dr. Sebi Cool

Before Nipsey Hustle, Dr. Sebi (who died August 6, 2016) was already an iconic figure in the conscious community as a herbalist and healer. The Honduran herbalist is reported to have cured various ailments such as Cancer, Lupus, HIV, Herpes, etc, by prescribing  herbs and an alkaline vegan diet. In 1988, he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial for false advertisement and practice without a license. Dr. Sebi tells the story of how he was asked to produce one witness he had cured and instead produced 77. This led the Judge to declare him not guilty on all counts!

It is alleged that several celebrities had sought Dr. Sebi for assistance including the late Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta and Lisa Left Eye Lopez. Lisa Lopez had no qualms sharing her experience with Dr. Sebi who she had credited with improving her health. Unfortunately, before she could spread the message, she was killed in a motor vehicle accident while riding with her friends in a car in Honduras.

Besides Lisa Lopez, another celebrity who had sought to shed light on the healer and his life saving methods was the late slain rapper, entrepreneur and community activist, Nipsey Hustle. Nipsey Hustle's tragic death on March 31'st 2019 put a hold on the documentary he is said to have been working on about Dr. Sebi. However, as news quickly spread about this project, more young people began to express interest in Dr. Sebi, the alkaline diet he espoused and his theories about hybrid and non-hybrid plants. 

Atum Dre, Dr. Sebi's Chef and I
Unfortunately, I never got to meet Dr. Sebi in person even though I had a few occasions to do so. However, I did get to meet his personal chef, Atum Dre, at an event at Black and Noble, a conscious community bookstore in Philadelphia, PA. At the event, I had a platter of his alkaline gourmet meal. Unlike most vegan foods I eat, this meal held me over for several hours. Perhaps because it was alkaline. Perhaps it was the electrolytes. I can't really say, but I know I felt great afterwards. 

One of the most fascinating things about Nipsey's death is that it has indeed brought more attention to Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi, who was somewhat part of the hip-hop community, has now become more hip-hop. I have encountered people from the streets who want to know more about veganism and herbs and alkaline foods.  This is definitely a new chapter in the quest to educate our people about making healthier choices away from the fast foods and other unhealthy habits that keep us at the top of the chain with regards to life threatening diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers, to name a few. As Nipsey's family continues to remind us, The Marathon Continues!"

By Ebele Chizea.

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