My Nappily Ever After Story (In Celebration of the movie, Nappily Ever After With Sanaa Lathan)

Nappily Ever After, a movie about a Black woman's natural hair journey to empowerment will soon hit theaters and it promises to deliver! Starring the sultry Sanaa Lathan, it is the story of Violet Jones, a professional woman and perfectionist prone to wearing straight wigs who decides to shave her head after going through a breakup. This act of "letting her head down," so to speak leads her on a journey to personal freedom and perhaps, true love. 

I am personally looking forward to this movie as it reminds me of my natural hair journey. It was 2008. The natural hair movement was just starting to gain momentum. My permed hair was no longer working for me as years of chemical abuse and flat irons had transformed my locks into a  stringy a mess. And thus my natural hair journey  began. 

But it wasn't easy! I got plenty of criticism from those who felt I had somehow assaulted my femininity or somehow betrayed black womanhood. I was told I would not get a man with my new look. That nappy hair wasn't "in" in the workplace. In fact an ex had the nerve to chime in to say that I had wasted all that good hair. Though I had my share of critics, I had my share of supporters and thanks to them and my own positive self image, I was able to maintain my natural hair from then until now even though I went through another chop in 2012. To be honest, I have no regrets. It's been the most empowering, liberating experience of my life, though challenging as I had to relearn my hair and what it needed to thrive.
Because of the decision to go natural, I feel more connected with other soulful, powerful women unashamed to be themselves in a world dominated by Western ideals of beauty. I also appreciate the brothers who encourage this form of self love and self pride. Without them, I doubt I would have come this far.

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