Nigerian Scottish Supermodel, Eunice Olumide On Fashion, Music & Meeting Prince Charles

Eunice Olumide is a Nigerian Scottish Supermodel and trail blazer with a refreshing natural beauty, style and charm. Her modelling career began at age fifteen when she was discovered while shopping in London. Highly intelligent and engaging, this rennaicense woman is skilled in many areas such as modelling, broadcast reporting, acting and music. When she's not on the runway, she's making waves on British television  like the BBC, being featured on editorials such as Vogue, travelling the world and raising awareness for causes that she holds dear. Last year she received an award from Prince Charles for her contributions to the arts and charity. This is Eunice in her own words about fashion, her accomplishments and future plans.

In your modelling career, you come across as very confident, very comfortable in your skin, where does this confidence come from?

Throughout my life my family and especially my

mum have been a source of great strength for me. God is my keeper and always guides and protects me. I was brought up to believe in and strive for equality and justice. This is what really motivates me. 

Some would be surprised to discover besides being a model, a broadcast journalist and and an actress you are also a professional DJ. What is your favorite genre of music and why?

I have always been talented in music but never much in favour of mainstream popular culture. I am very specific about what I will play as from a young age I was concerned about the impact psychologically on young people. I tend to play music from the 60s, 70s and 90s if it’s European. We call this Old School in the UK. This is because it’s easier to find songs to play that don’t contain profanity, blasphemy, etc.  I love Afrobeat because a lot of the music is simply about having fun.  I hope Africa can retain its integrity and continue to make good music that’s not just about money, women and cars.

In 2017 you received the MBE award from Prince
Charles at Buckingham Palace for your contribution to art, broadcasting and charity. What was the experience like?

It was great. It’s actually from the Queen however she was not well so sometimes Prince Charles (next in line to the throne) or his son William will give the honors in her behalf. It was a fascinating experience and I was joined by my family from Nigeria and my mum who all attended Buckingham Palace in London. 

You recently visited Nigeria. How would you say the fashion industry is in Nigeria compared to the U.S and the U.K?

I think the fashion industry in Nigeria has huge potential, but for me it’s not about comparing what happens in Nigeria to the West it’s about creating something unique and specifically African. That’s the way to really win on a world scale. 

You are very passionate about charity. How can your fans get involved?

Please follow and support


Future plans?

I have some very exciting news coming soon!!

Thank you!

By Ebele Chizea.

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