King Arnice: A Conscious Rapper With A Street Style

King Arnice is a very gifted rapper, writer, business man and conscious revolutionary. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he later moved to Minneapolis where he is now making waves as the "tongue twista" of Minneapolis for his fast pace raps known as "chop and spin." He is also a man of the people, having experienced the street life, got out of it and now hopes to inspire a generation of people with his music. His latest single, Man In The Mirror, is making waves in his hometown and is expected to become a global hit. His on the ground marketing skills which enables him to sell thousands of records from the truck of his car is an inspiration and a testament to his hard work and dedication. 

When asked to describe the Minnesota music scene, he says it is like a volcano just waiting to erupt with a lot of talent. "The local hip-hop scene is really unified right now. Everyone is beginning to work together now and bringing in artists from various places. With regards to music, I feel like if you don't pick up the pace, you will be left behind," he says. 

His plan is to resurrect a genre of rap (rhythm and poetry) which he refers to as "Street Conscious." He insists it will still have the same Young Jeezy and similar talent type beats but on a conscious level. The biggest issue that he wishes to explore more in his music is the music industry and how it is important for artists to know you don't need a record label. 

When asked about his musical influences, he says he grew up listening to Bone Thugs and Harmony. Other influences include 2pac, Michael Jackson, Kevin Gates and Paris. He is also working on a book titled, Music Is My Father about the psychological effects of music on the youth. 

His intention is to remain grassroots in the way he markets his music as it gives him the opportunity to connect with fresh talent, new producers and so on. His plans are to go to various states on a Out The Trunk Tour selling his products. Oh and by the way his childhood inspiration Bone Thugs and Harmony asked him to tour with them recently, making 2018 a promising year for King.

In the next five years, King sees himself going worldwide and working with different artists from Africa and beyond. 

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By Ebele Chizea. 

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