Quincey White On 7, The Future of Hip-Hop, 2pac, and More!

Quincey White, formerly known as Dubb, is a well respected hip-hop artist and considered one of the best lyricists of our time. In case you hadn't noticed, his latest EP 7, has received stellar reviews for its lyrical content, depth, and catchy tunes like Hollywood. I had a chance to chat with Quincey recently. He came across as a very engaging, humble and thoughtful person. I asked him about music, why he talks about a lot of real issues in his music. He responded by highlighting the importance of story telling, and how storytelling is what captivates people. Since returning to his government name Quincey White, he felt an even stronger need to connect with people by being real with them through his music. 

We discussed hip-hop. He talked about the 80's and 90's and how lyrical rappers were in the forefront and gimmick rappers were in the back drop. Today it is something different, he says, even though lyrical rappers are making a comeback. He explained that people are yearning for real hip-hop and that one day, lyrical rap will become mainstream again. He also mentioned Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole as rappers spearheading this movement. 

When asked if he could collaborate with a hip-hop artist from the past who it would be, he was quick to mention, 2pac. He credits 2pac for giving him the inspiration to be more personal in his music. Even though he never met 2pac personally, through his music he felt he knew him. He thinks they both share a passion for the world and for music, and for that reason, a collaboration with 2pac would have been a dream come true. 

By the way, Quincey is an independent artist, meaning he currently does not have a label. I couldn't help but ask him to share some advice to those artists out there trying to succeed without a label. His response was real as usual. "Be yourself." He does not encourage following trends because trends change and if one continues to follow trends, they lose their identity. You get out what you put in, he believes, emphasizing the importance of work ethic in and out of the studio to get good results. 

We discussed the future, including his plans to release another solo EP sometime this year, and his desire to get into movies. 

Quincey thank you for this interview. You are a real dude, and I wish you continued success!

Check out audio version below!

By Ebele Chizea. 

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