Natalie Portman, I Relate To You (Women's March)

As many of us know, the one year anniversary of the Women's March was held Saturday, Febuary 20th, 2018 in various cities across the United States. Women gathered to protest the current administration, to fight for the rights of women everywhere. One particular actress's speech really hit home for me. The actress was Natalie Portman. She talked about being objectified as a child actress which led to future struggles with her sexuality and femininity.

I can relate Natalie! At eight years old my elementary school math teacher referred to me as his wife. He would give me preferential treatment and place me in the front of the class. I remember how that made me feel - embarrassed, vulnerable, ashamed. This feeling would follow me through my teens and twenties. I developed a strong fear of my sexuality, my femininity. I did everything to suppress it; wear unflattering clothes, walk awkwardly, be studious and nerdy to avoid being gawked at for my body. It took me a long time to realize that as a woman my sexuality and femininity was mine to express as I wished. It did not belong to a man, society, the media or some outside force. It did not exist to be objectified, assaulted, harassed. Every young girl deserves to know this, deserves to develop at her own pace without fear. Fortunately for me I realized the cause of my self loathing and began the healing process the moment I realized my identity as a woman made in the image of her Creator. #Timeisup

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