Kenny Whitehead From The Whitehead Brothers On His Legendary Family, Music and Fame

Kenny Whitehead and Johnny Whitehead 
Had an in-depth conversation with R&B musician, Kenny Whitehead  from The Whitehead Brothers. Kenny is also the son of the legendary John Whitehead (late) from McFadden and Whitehead who wrote and produced hits like Aint No Stopping Us Now and Backstabbers. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Kenny shared a lot about growing up in a musical household (his mother Anita Whitehead was also a Singer), about making music with his brother Johnny Whitehead in the 80's and 90's, about his experience with the legendary Suge Knight and his close friendship with the late R&B singer, Aaliyah and much more!

NOTE: In the interview I made a reference to the film Jason's Lyric which I mispronounced as Jason's Lyrics. I also made a reference to "off camera" when I actually meant "off record," as this was an audio interview not a Live one. Click link below to listen to the full interview.
Kenny Whitehead Interview

Ebele Chizea.

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