"She's Gotta Have It" mmm oookayyy

So on Thanksgiving night, I binged watched Netflix's latest series, "She's Gotta Have It." I wasn't looking forward to the show to be honest. To be even more honest, I had never seen the original 1986 film by Spike Lee except for a few scenes here and there, thanks to YouTube. I appreciate Spike Lee a lot as a Writer and Director, especially for films like Malcolm X, Do The Right Thing and Jungle Fever. Somehow "She's Gotta Have It" escaped my radar until last night. And after a few episodes, I think I will be giving this show a pass. I will start with the things I liked about it:

Nola Darling is a Brooklyn artist. She's a free spirit, fun, ambitious and a loyal friend. I can relate. I lived in Brooklyn for a few years myself and met many Nola's. In fact, I was one of them except for the polyamorous part. You see Nola juggles three men in the series. I'm all for sexual empowerment but this idea that one has to bed multiple people to feel liberated is not only senseless but irresponsible. Not to sound prudish or old fashioned, but you never see series like these really discuss condoms, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, severe emotional baggage - consequences of #sexualfreedom. Do I sound like grandma yet?

Back to what I like about the series. In one episode, Nola is assaulted by a stranger while walking home at night. It wasn't rape. But the impact of him grabbing her arm alone traumatized her, affecting her relationship with her three lovers and friends. She began therapy soon after. This is something many of us can relate to. In fact, it inspired me to want to talk to someone about how I felt when a Cop grabbed my shoulder at my job and made a reference to catching and keeping a girl. I ended up going to the District where he worked at to file a report but being faced with politics and intimidation, I backed down. I did have another opportunity when a Police Supervisor came to my job to talk. I decided to let it go. Perhaps for the best or worst.
Overall She's Gotta Have It is great entertainment especially if you are a film buff (so many classic film references), a music buff and an art lover... Did I forget to mention Nola is a painter? But if you are looking for moral substance or serious relationship advice, this is not the show for you. Unless of course polyamory is your thing.

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