Black Panther Movie: Another Case of Cultural Appropriation?

So everyone and their mama is excited about this movie. Moviegoers claim they will wear their dashikis at the premiere, cos alas there's a Marvel movie that represents us. But does it? Does this movie represent Africa? As in most movies that attempt to depict African culture, there's always a case of inauthenticity. For example you may have a supposed Igbo tribe speaking Yoruba. I recall the uproar over the very British Thandie Newton (she's partly Zimbabwean) being cast in the lead role in Half A Yellow Sun. Truth be told, she's a great actress but she wasn't the best part for the role of a 1960's Igbo woman. An African from the Continent or even someone who looked and sounded the part would have done a better job. Needless to say, as the premiere date for Black Panther draws near I am certain many Africans will be unimpressed by the false accents and made up cultural elements. Don't get me wrong though, most of us will be very excited just to see ourselves depicted positively, albeit inappropriately on film. As for me, let's just say I have my popcorn ready.

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