Rainbow Child

Moon Child, Superstar Nova, Ocean bliss
Her spirit more than lights, it burns, scorches the darkness
She is the purple veined mother to a blue blood princess
Standing on centuries of Black Amazonian Queens
She's returned, pregnant with energetic memories
Ready to walk the land, inhale, drink, spark with the elements
She's ordinary with an extraordinary mark on her soul
Her palm says it all-Destined for simple things:
Magical things, fairy realness, colored skies, talking birds, whispering thunder, raising the living
She's child-sun-a Christic mystery
She paints rainbows across the sky, spins globes, loves with a force that breaks shackles
Again she's ordinary like a little girl playing with pebbles by the sea shore
Singing ancient rhymes cloaked as nursery rhymes
She remembers her mother, her mothers and when she was mother
She captivates but never holds captive
She's also liberty, a product of red coral beads above flowing mirrors
Two yellow suns birthing Oma, the brave
She yearns for her in this world of compromises, dreams deferred, broken songs
She yearns for her out of selfishness perhaps, and out of despair for the future of this clan
She merges with heaven her lover and spouse
The rainbow spirits roar, they say, Ise!
It rains, the seed in the earth must grow, must become this majestic tree, a new race of man .

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