She's ancient 
She's timeless
She's Wise
She is wisdom
She is a woman
She is a girl-virgin-whore
She is the one who was from the beginning before beginnings
Who fell, who rose upon union with her beloved
She is the spirit of devotion who buries herself in the sand to save her kingdom
When they demand a maiden she obeys
She is the one carrying babies in her back tending the fields while holding down the fort for her lover in chains
She's the woman with the scepter in hand raising many nations
She's the unsuspecting one concocting potent herbs for the beast whose end is near
Speaker of many tongues
Mother of the living and the dead
Barren with many children
Fertile with no children
A Worshiper, A seer, An Atheist, A sinner
Jezebel, Mary, Rahab, Mary
She will be who she will be
Like water, Like Fire
Like starts spinning in galaxies
Like galaxies
Like an ocean mistress
Like the earth mother
Like the one with thunder in her fist
She's my best friend, my shadow, my dreams, my visions
Your terror, your fantasy
My Mother, Our Mother
The rose in the garden
The thorn attached to the rose
The adulteress
The perpetual holy one
From time everlasting till to many morrows
Always a mystery
A never ending poem...

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