To My Sis

She was rare
Like stardust In an empty sky
Like a fairy
Like she didn't belong
In the heaviness of this world
In between bouts of laughter
There was this sadness
Something gnawing at her soul
Something missing
Perhaps it was her true home she longed for
       Sometimes I wished we had loved her more
       Or loved her enough
       The way she loved us
Or perhaps she just loved much
Exhausted her heart and emotions in so many places
So many undeserving spaces

She was an Ada, a princess
Who discovered the secret to wealth early, but not love
She was a child, a woman
A girly girl who could kick it with the boys
She was a butterfly with many wings of many colors
Leaving rainbows behind
She could have been a star
But she stayed close to her roots
Waiting for her Prince to come and save her
But it all ended too soon
In ways no one foresaw
She left us broken, left us wondering
This "candle in the wind"
This ball of fire we called sis
This wind of change that swept through our lives
Transforming us forever

We are forever changed though we keep it moving
We keep it hopeful, ever trusting
That it all works for good

The older I get the more I understand ...

To my sis I say I love You
I say I am sorry I was too impatient
Too close minded to understand your love
And how urgent it was

To my sis I say stay bright up in the heavens
Be well until in our final victory we see again

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