In Her Reflection

I  used to know the truth and it made me powerful
I used to speak it and it made me wise
I was a sage, a child, a mother who everyone summoned for counsel
But now I am an old woman who whimpers and groans

 It began on the day I sold my soul
When you came into my life and convinced me that to be loved was to follow your rules

I've broken every rule ever since

I reminisce about the treasures, the riches of my father and the shelter of his pavilion
I was his first born daughter, anointed, destined to rule

    A lady full of grace
    The Lord was with her
    Long necked, Ala at her feet

I weep like the lady washing bronze feet with her hair
I smell her perfume, bask in her tears
In her reflection, he will see me, lift me up, make me an example among the nations

    She's full of grace
    The lord is with her
    Long necked, Ala at her feet

The fall did not lead to the abyss
The abyss did not receive the fall
My royal father stretched his hand and made me whole
He made me see the lie and restored me to the truth
That no matter how many falls, I stand because he is
Because in that treasured place is my true identity

    She's a witness to the resurrection
    She's the bearer of good news
    She whom seven demons were cast out
    Has become the first among the saved

    She's full of grace
    The lord is with her
    Long necked, Ala at her feet

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