Daughter of God

I see the voice of Thunder
Lightening, fire like drops
Raining down my bedroom
I am a daughter

Though bruised, often left alone for dead
I see Thunder pass through me, for me
Justice  must stand

I am a daughter of Tradition, Odogwu Men
Showing up in Dreams to chase Mr. Wrong away

Stranded many times
A pack of wolves claiming to be blood
But after my blood
It is true what the Master said:
Be gentle as a lamb but wise as a serpent

I used to say I am the Daughter of Thunder
Which is how the storm became a shield
Until I came to know the one who created Thunder
He claimed me as his own

He came as a lover, a knight on a white horse
He came as a gentleman bearing gifts
He came as a warrior, brandishing a sword

He said he loved me from the beginning
That I was his princess
That he was the soul mate all along
That I was wonderfully and fearfully made
A star from star dust, star seed, Christ seed
That the universe was my playground
That earth was a dream
That I was made from the same particle as Thunder
And by his will, I could command It

I had authority, royalty, from beyond to eternity

He called me lover, friend, Daughter of God.

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