Once a tail, I couldn't wait to break out
Of the slime of the delicate ocean
I dreamed wild dreams, seeds planted in me since the beginning of time

I'd heard stories of how rough it was
How morose, how mundane

Only the brave come here
Only the brave live out their days

I was among the brave, saying goodbye to my fairy companions
Telling them I had a new home

They said:

She'll soon return, wait and see
She won't be able to bear it, the heat, the cold, the lukewarm
She will beg to return and if not, we will torment her

I saw them in dreams
In market places
Between smoked induced highs
And delicate lows

I saw them once in my lover's eyes
At the time I thought, this is it, no more, I'm outta here ...

But then I remember dreams are meant to be fulfilled
Missions meant to be completed
Life meant to be lived
And I remember there is love & it follows me wherever I go

I gleaned from the stones , the rocks, the rivers, the trees
They speak of many things
Lost lands filled with wonderment, forever go rides and fluid sun smiles

They speak to me of mystical spells, stars that hang like love banners in the eternal night of the great mother

I grabbed a stone from among the stars
I buried it
I found it
I wore it

A wise sage placed a mark on me
She's a returnee, they said

& I grew to discover
There's no need to run, to fly, to wish for the sweetness of death
For all worlds traverse, merge, become one in the totality of sublime existence

And with that I slowly surrender to what is
Two worlds, One life ...
One life, two worlds ...

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