Mother's Cry

Do you hear the quiver?
Listen intently
It emanates from land and rivers
It’s in the cracked earth
And unceremonious rain
It’s in the eyes that speak of shattered dreams

To the highly sensitized
It’s a bellowing groan
From the depths of the belly
Where all the memories are kept
From the depths of the belly
Where all the assets are stored
For the children of the sun
And for all through whom they came

They hate mother
They spew on her Oil spills and raging fires
They place chains on the minds of her children
On the backs of her children
On her traditions, they show contempt
Motherland has become a dumping ground
For guns and diseases

So I ask:

Why destroy the hands that feed you?
Take a good look at a map
Do you not see that Africa
Is the heart of the world?

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