Bloody Rivers

It was Sora who caused the flow

Barely a moon ago

She played ten-ten in dusty playgrounds

Under sunlit skies

Groans and Moans

The earth’s womb threatens to implode

Her insides smells like death

Flies and vultures ballooned with content

Her thighs exposed for all to see



Armed with ak47s

Rummage jungles

Circling the war mill

That feed real life vampires

In high places.

Stolen innocence is nothing compared to

The rape of innocence

I wonder if those perpetuators

Where themselves depraved

And carried with them the memory

Of when their wonderment was forcefully drowned

In rivers of blood

In being the initiators

Do they heal, feel justified in their suffering

Pleased at the idea that they shall not be the only generation

That cannot remember heaven?

She needs to be sown up

Our mother

Look at her, don’t turn away

From her gut wrenching cries

No epidurals can silence this pain

Manifesting in the souls of her children

Forced to perpetuate the illusion

Of separation and disharmony

So that now when we talk of being real

We refer to something sinister…cynical

Anything that can prevent us from taking responsibility

Or bearing some guilt

And so day by day we lose little Soras and male equivalents

In the middle east, in Africa, the ghettos and suburbs of America, Europe


Moment by moment, flames extinguishing

Memories of paradise and magic disappearing ….

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