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US movie and The American Subconscious

Jordan Peele's follow up movie to Get Out, was a hit. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you do. It is about Adelaide Wilson, a black woman on a vacation trip with her upper class black family. In their beach house, she is forced to face her past when four strangers show up at the front lawn, except they are not really strangers but grotesque replicas of her four family members. Adelaide and her family are forced to face these beings who are determined to take over their lives.
First of all, I must commend Peele for portraying black people as mainstream characters in a horror movie. I must also commend him for using darker skinned blacks, not light skinned or racially ambiguous ones even though Peele himelf is biracial and married to a white woman. It shows his understanding of the struggles darker hued people experience being portrayed on screen. 
Now the juice! US is different from Peele's first movie,  Get Out, though they are both thrillers and share the t…

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